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"Natalia Clavier is a true embodiment of the musica indie movement, where cultures converge, sounds meld, and the line between English and Spanish music is blurred into one universal tone."

-Jose Galvan, KCRW

 "Natalia’s work is characterized by complex layers of organic and electronic textures and led by her conviction in the power of sound to channel deeper levels of truth and meaning."

-Conor Healy, LOOPCLOUD 

"Clavier's songwriting takes her debut album in unique directions, most notably in the direction of tango on "Ay de Mí," "Confusión," and "Mi Mentira" -- songs you wouldn't expect to hear on a typical Thievery Corporation album; songs so stately, perhaps only a native Argentine could write them. Even with the songwriting twists and turns, "Néctar" is a remarkably solid album that plays fluidly from beginning to end."

-Jason Birchmeier, ALLMUSIC.COM 

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